Whale’s Rub Pub

Whale’s Rub Pub & Sointula Liquor Store

pub window 2

 Watch the ferry come in.

pub radio

The pub has a fine collection of vintage treasures.

pub 6

More interesting stuff.

 nice pub window and ferry

Late afternoon looking over the water.

pub bar

Beautiful afternoon light.

pub 5

Local treasures.

nice pub picture 3

Have a game of pool.

nice pub window and view

Eagle watch.

pub snowshoes

We always have room for you!

nice pub picture

Enjoy a game of pool.

nice set of gold books

We have our own pub library.

more books in the window

Pub book display.

more books and bumber

We love old books!  We will give yours a good home when you are done with them.

juke box

Put some music on the juke box.

The Whale’s Rub Pub is a cozy local bar with friendly bartenders, draft beer on tap, and great ocean views from the stunning ocean-side deck. Perfect for watching for whales and other marine life passing down the Broughton Strait, or just sitting down with friends and enjoying a sunny afternoon.


The Whale’s Rub Pub also has an ATM, wireless internet, a library and live music throughout the year.