Sointula Wild Seafoods and Smokehouse

Sointula Wild Seafoods and Smokehouse

Sointula Wild Seafoods and Smokehouse is a licensed, artisan fish processing and smoking facility onMalcolm Island. Going commercial or sport fishing? The Sointula Smokehouse is a high-quality, local business that takes care of all your fish processing and smoking needs. Quality and cleanliness are two primary fundamentals upheld at the smokehouse, where Barb Horricks, Nick Orton and their teamensure your catch is cut, cleaned and vacuum-packaged to a first-rate standard that guarantees a final product of the freshest fish. Fish processing is priced by weight with the option of smoking. The smoking process includes all-natural, organic ingredients using wood smoke and mesquite for flavoring that accentuates, but doesn’t overpower, the natural taste of the fish. All sugars, salts, herbs and spices are organic, gluten-free and fair-trade. Packaging is done using an industrial, no-preservative vacuum sealer with various sizes offered for custom portioning and then flash frozen for secure transport home. Fish retain their flavor best when they are brought to the processing facility within 24 hours of the catch and from this point forward the fish are handled respectfully and carefully to maintain both taste and consistency. All fish received by 4pm daily are ready for transport the following morning. Whether you’re in the area as a commercial fisherman, sports fisherman or just a fish enthusiast, the Sointula Wild Seafoods and Smokehouse can provide services and products to your liking.

Planning a visit to Sointula and want to stay at our hotel? You can book a fishing charter with Randy (see “Fishing Charter”) and have your fish processed to bring home a fresh and delicious souvenir.

Wild Sea Smokes

Wild Sea Smokes is the retail brand of snacks created out of Sointula Wild Seafoods and Smokehouse. Using only wild-caught, sustainably-harvested fish within 100km of Malcolm Island, the variety of snacks include mild cures, candies and jerky. Constant innovation with new flavours and spices make these treats ever-evolving and always delicious. The workers cut each treat to size by hand and individually, almost tediously, soak them in brine, rinse and then evenly space them on a rack for smoking. Current flavours include maple syrup, Thai, citrus, wasabi and more! You can purchase these retail treats through the smokehouse or try the Smoked Wild Salmon Stix, a local favourite, at our in-house bar, the the Whale’s Rub Pub and get hooked!

For more information on the processing and smoking procedures of the Sointula Wild Seafoods andSmokehouse or to inquire about retail products, visit or call (250) 973 6823.

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