In Honour of Remembrance Day: A Soldier’s Socks- A Canadian song from 1940- Waterloo Music Co.

soldiers socks- good


Twenty thousand little stitches, Go to make a soldier’s sock;   That’s not counting up the hitches,        Nor the minutes by the clock.

Forty thousand little stitches, Then, it takes to make pair,     And it means a heap of riches   If you count the thought that’s there.

There’s a little wisp of laughter,    Just to keep your spirit gay;          There’s a thread of tough resistance,        That will give you strength by day.

There’s a filament of firelight,      Stretching out across the sea,

Just to warm you in the cold night               And a glow of cheer to be.

There’s a strand so soft for comfort,       Meant to ease the longest road;         And a friendly comrade feeling            That would like to share your load.

Forty thousand little stitches,            Then, it takes to make a pair.          And they all are woven  closely     In the armour of a prayer.


word to soldiers socks- go0d



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