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Eisert Hall

Eisert Hall has lived in both rural and urban centers of Canada and now resides in the village of Sointula, Malcolm Island off the West coast of Canada. From the start she related to utopian stories of early Finnish people seeking new beginnings. She volunteered in the museum enjoying the early narrative of liberation experience, struggles and victories of the forebears of the past in their search for an ideal society. She found a kind of parallel in terms of time, place and history of the island people with her creative work. As she checked through the museum’s history of the island, there was identity of time past and the plans of the people within historical framework, who strove to find a balance of the practical along with theoretical the rights of persons, equality within a just world. Amidst this there was the will to open the doors to the imagination, the large musical orchestra, song and dance. Early leaders of the commune were Kurikka the dreamer, philosopher writer and Mäkelä, the practical hammer and nail man who knew when to buy a cow and not a piano. These were all important elements that she could identify with while striving as a painter and concept artist.

Eisert Hall’s project artworks include drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, texts, sometimes performance, a mash up along with varying styles such as automatism, abstraction, semiabstract and surrealism. These vary over time to support theme directions. Culture and sociopolitical issues are implicit within project themes. Targeted are dichotomies between intuition and reason or thought processes, subjectivity as inner experience and objectivity as measurable, outside human participation, modernity, and how this affects the natural world of humans and the surrounding environments. A mash up of contrasting subjects, materials, art forms, styles are used to create dialogues through the visual language of metaphor, associations, contrasting materials and techniques of working. Dialogues within parts and between projects include time and space relationships of linked historical eras, text and imagery. These create hybrids and may lead to cultural associations that may irritate or cause discomfort. This is the artist’s means of provoking an integrative experience leading to insights within a changing culture.

Eisert Hall’s professional background includes exhibitions in Canada and the United States. These range from painting, multi-media installation, and performance art exhibitions. She has also traveled in North America and Europe to pursue research associated with art projects. Her artworks are found in private and public collections.

You are welcome to visit the studio. Please contact Eisert Hall for information.


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